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Premier Physio is now operating within Copper City Physical Therapy

What's New?

The Name and Logo

The new business name is "Copper City Physical Therapy" and the name "Premier Physio" will no longer appear on your invoices. 

Amazing Team

In addition to Physiotherapy services, we offer Pedorthics with Lindsay Glassford, and Personal Training with Shelley Kuhn.

Central Downtown Location

The new space is located at 526 13th st. It is accessible to those with mobility issues, and has ample parking both out front and behind in the Farmer's Market parking lot.

Huge Gym Space

At nearly 2000sqft, our gym space is more than equipped to take care of your injury and return-to-sport needs. This includes exciting new features like a turf track, squat rack, and sled push.

GLA:D Osteoarthritis Program

GLA:D is a research based group education and exercise program with proven results to limit the effects of hip and knee osteoarthritis. Participants of GLA:D see decreased pain, increased physical strength and function, and decreased use of invasive interventions like injections and surgeries.
The program is 7 weeks long and runs roughly every 2 months.

What Stays the Same?

One-on-One Care

Your treatment sessions with me will continue to be one-on-one for the duration of your treatment time. 

Focus on Manual Therapy and Movement

Though the new clinic offers typical devices such as ultrasound, IFC, and ShockWave your sessions with me will continue to focus on manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and functional limitations, and individualized exercise programs for long lasting pain relief and self-management.

Online Booking 

The easy-to-use software "Jane" that you have grown so fond of is not going anywhere. Online booking remains quick and easy with the click of a button. Your existing accounts have even be transferred to the new clinic so you don't have to create new logins and I still have any notes from past treatments.

Direct Billing to Major Insurers

Let us submit your receipts to insurance on your behalf and you only have to pay us the remainder. Direct billing is available to Pacific Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross, and all major providers on Telus eHealth.

Quality of Care

As mentioned previously, just because the space is getting bigger and the equipment is getting fancier does not mean I will be modifying my treatment style. You will continue to get my undivided attention for the duration of your treatment, and I will continue to use manual therapy, education, and exercise as my primary tools to help you recover from pain, injury, or to just help keep you performing at your best.

For any questions or concerns about these new changes email or call 250-412-5059

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